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MySQL - Getting results based on current month


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Hello all,First of all, I'm fairly new to this. I had some (very) basic experiences with HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL. I've recently bought a CMS package called TruckNet which was created for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer, to simulate VTC's (Virtual Trucking Companies). The CMS package was created by StuartD and after buying it I'm free to change it to my own wishes. I saw this a nice to chance to create something for what I like to do and as well learning some new things.


I would like to issue a query on my database that gets results based on the current month. Now I know how to get that information from the database, however I have no idea how I could tell a query to filter the results matching to the current month and how could I let the query/database know what the current month is without having to change it manually?

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