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Mysql issue


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Hi all,


Don't know to ask it here or in the SQL section, I assumed here, cause it is about Mysql instead of SQL.


1.) On page I have an textarea, where user fills in text;

2.) Then a js function sends this value to a php page;

3.) This PHP page, stores value in Mysql database.


When for example I fill in this -> hello world

then everything goes well.


When for example I fill in this -> hello world's

then nothing is stored in database.


I has to do something with the single quote, but can't get it managed... Under here I post some code:



<a href="javascript:void(0)" class='changeSaveLink' id='changeAlbum' onclick="changeTekst('change','textarea','1','50','50','iconIDalbum','changeAlbum','albumNaam','','albumnaam','<?php echo $GLOBALS["db_albums"];?>','50',<?php echo $albumID;?>)" title='Albumnaam aanpassen'></a>


function changeTekst(saveORchange,inputKind,rows,cols,maxLength,iconID,ahrefID,inputDivID,inputID,columnName,dbTable,maxChars,albumID){var inputIDvalue="";if (inputID){var inputIDvalue = document.getElementById(inputID).value.replace(/n/g,'<br />');}if (saveORchange=='change'){var saveChange = 'saveAlbum';}if (saveORchange=='save'){var saveChange = 'changeAlbum';}document.getElementById(iconID).className=saveChange; run_xmlhttp();xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) {document.getElementById(iconID).innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText;run_xmlhttp();xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=function() {if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200) {document.getElementById(inputDivID).innerHTML=xmlhttp.responseText;}}xmlhttp.open('GET', '/cms/modules/changeTekst.php?a=' + saveORchange +'&b=' + inputID +'&c=' + inputIDvalue +'&d=' + columnName +'&e=' + inputKind +'&f=' + rows +'&g=' + cols +'&h=' + maxLength +'&i=' + maxChars +'&j=' + dbTable +'&id=' + albumID, true);xmlhttp.send(); }}xmlhttp.open('GET', '/cms/modules/changeIcon.php?a=' + iconID +'&b=' + saveORchange +'&c=' + ahrefID +'&d=' + inputDivID +'&e=' + columnName +'&f=' + dbTable +'&g=tekst' +'&h=' + rows +'&i=' + cols +'&j=' + maxLength +'&k=' + maxChars +'&l=empty' +'&id=' + albumID, true);xmlhttp.send();}
<?phpfunction br2nl( $input ) {return preg_replace('/<br(s+)?/?>/i', "n", $input);} $saveORchange = stripslashes($_GET['a']);$inputID = stripslashes($_GET['b']);$inputIDvalue = stripslashes($_GET['c']);$inputIDvalueDB = utf8_decode($inputIDvalue);//$inputIDvalueDB = utf8_decode(addslashes($inputIDvalue));$columnName = stripslashes($_GET['d']);$inputKind = stripslashes($_GET['e']);$rows = stripslashes($_GET['f']);$cols = stripslashes($_GET['g']);$maxLength = stripslashes($_GET['h']);$maxCars = stripslashes($_GET['i']);$tableName = stripslashes($_GET['j']);$albumID = stripslashes($_GET['id']); include($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"]."/config.php"); //Include de config met username en passwordsmysql_connect("localhost",$GLOBALS["dbuser"],$GLOBALS["dbpass"]) or die(mysql_error());mysql_select_db($GLOBALS["dbname"]);$resultQuery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM " . $tableName . " WHERE id='$albumID'");$rowQuery = mysql_fetch_array($resultQuery);if ($saveORchange=='change'){if ($inputKind=='textarea'){?><textarea id='areaHomeTekst' maxlength='<?php echo $maxLength;?>' rows='<?php echo $rows;?>' cols='<?php echo $cols;?>' value='' onfocus="setbg('areaHomeTekst','#BD5C5C');" onblur="setbg('areaHomeTekst','white')"><?php echo br2nl(utf8_encode($rowQuery[$columnName]));?></textarea><br /><font class='sublabel'>maximaal <?php echo $maxCars;?> tekens!</font><?php}}if ($saveORchange=='save'){ mysql_query("UPDATE " . $tableName . " SET$columnName = '$inputIDvalueDB'WHERE id = '$albumID'");$resultQuery = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM " . $tableName . " WHERE id='$albumID'");$rowQuery = mysql_fetch_array($resultQuery);echo utf8_encode($rowQuery[$columnName]);}?>

So how can I make it managed, that also the ' (or ") is send to DB... I also tried to change those chars to numeric html code, but still can't get what I want...

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Your code is old and is vulnerable to SQL injection, and the error you're seeing is one of the symptoms. Do not use the mysql functions (mysql_connect, mysql_query, etc). Use either PDO or mysqli instead, and use prepared statements to build a query that will not be affected by that problem or vulnerable to any SQL injection attacks. If you see a tutorial that uses mysql_query, skip it and find something newer. The mysql extension has been out of date since 2003.There's an introduction to PDO here, pay special attention to section 10 on prepared statements.http://www.phpro.org/tutorials/Introduction-to-PHP-PDO.html

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Build in mysqli for now... was alreadt busy with that some time ago...

First thing on my list when I have time is to dive into PDO...


What would you suggest? mysqli or PDO?



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