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updating mysql table data with php, javascript and ajax

carter delRay

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I have already created mysql table with data, this is my javascript code

 <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">function send_status(){var status;var Digital=new Date()var hours=Digital.getHours()if (hours>=6&&hours<8) //on timestatus = "onTime";else if (hours>=8) //late comersstatus = "late";window.alert(status);}$.ajax({type: "POST",url: "ajaxjs.php",data: status,cache: false,success: function(html) {alert(html);}});}return false;}</SCRIPT>

im attempting to generate a value for user status from th above if command in js then send this string into my db using ajax which is pointing to my php page

<?php// Fetching Values From URL$connection = mysql_connect("localhost", "CJroot", ""); $db = mysql_select_db("mysql_practice", $connection); if (isset($_POST['typeahead'])) {$query = mysql_query("UPDATE user_signin SET status='$status' WHERE user_name = '$typeahead')"); //Insert Queryecho "Form Submitted succesfully";}mysql_close($connection); ?>

im not getting it right please any suggestions?

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If the function is called "send_status", then you probably want that ajax request inside the function. Right now it's not inside the function, so status doesn't have a value.Also, you need to switch your database code to use either the PDO or mysqli extension, not the mysql extension. It's been out of date for over a decade.Your PHP code is also trying to use variables called $status and $typeahead that don't exist.

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