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Creating a small forum from scratch in PHP and Mysqli(Procedural)


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I friend i have try to build a small forum from scratch using PHP and Mysqli(Procedural) but i have problem realting to this two issue:

1.session already started and 2.undefine index like $_SESSION['user_name']/$_SESSION['user_level']/and $_SESSION['signed_in'] variable so can any one show me or guided me how to do exactly i try a lot to fix it but i can't i try with my all my effort but till now i can manage to fix it so please any one help me,If you don't understand my problem also i will upload my source code so that you can pin point where excatly i do wrong thanks alot!













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If you're getting an error about the session already being started then the message will indicate both places where you used session_start. If you're starting the session in an include file, for example, then there's no reason to start it again after including that file. An undefined index error means that you're trying to access an array element that doesn't exist. Before you try to access it you can use isset to check if it is set.http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.isset.php

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