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Do we need a new type of web service?

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Hi, everyone! At the present, REST services are widely in use. But they have disadvantages. They do not have a formal description file, and not easy to design. SOAP services, in contrast, require less effort to develop but not as fast as REST, and not easy to consume in web browsers. I am thinking about a new type of web service that combines the strength of the above two, and I would like to present the idea to web service providers. But I don't know how to start. Where should I go first? Do you know someone who is interested in such idea and can promote its use? Or, rather, do you think SOAP and REST are efficient and there is no need to invent a new one?

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REST is seen as easier to create and use than SOAP, in fact REST was created because people thought SOAP was too verbose and unnecessarily complex.The W3C maintains the various web standards. You're welcome to post in a discussion forum or join a group, although they are going to expect you to have a list of technical complaints with technical solutions. If you can't phrase your problems or solutions in a technical way then other people might not pay much attention.http://www.w3.org/participate/

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