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:) :) :) Hello everyone,


I just signed in this forum and I know some of you might find my question annoying but please I'm really sincere to know.


:sorry::sorry: :sorry: Since I want to learn web designing from scratch (I don't have any background in programming, web designing or whatever) and upon doing my due diligence, I know that the areas that needed to be learned and to be mastered are HTML and CSS, Php, MySQL, Java, etc (maybe). Is there like a programming language aside from what I mentioned that I need to learn or read before diving myself to HTML and CSS, Php, MySQL, Java proper.


My heartfelt gratitude to those who will enlighten me.


Thanks heaps and God bless.

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...before diving myself to HTML and CSS, Php, MySQL, Javascript proper...

If you try to dive into all of them at the same time you will certainly be overwhelmed. Begin with HTML and see what HTML can do by itself. Then add CSS. Just those two should keep you busy for months.
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