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File rename query


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Hi there


I've got a little vb script that copies a file to the current directory - so far so good.


What I'd like to do next is mimic what happens when you right-click a file in windows explorer and select 'rename' - ie I need the file name to be selected so the user can then type in a new name.


I know I can just rename the file with a vb command, but I want to do it this way. To illustrate:




Is this possible?



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I'm not positive, but I don't think it's possible to do that. It seems like VBScript would be running in a different context where something like selecting the filename in Explorer wouldn't apply. Maybe you could use VBScript to interact with Explorer though, that would be the way to do that. I'm just not sure if Microsoft exposed those kinds of things. I'm sure you can get an instance of Explorer to use with VBScript, but not sure if selecting the filename is one of the things they made possible.

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