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build device driver

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Hello everyoneMaybe my question is not have correlation with web, but I really want to learn about how to make device driver.I have read some article that we can build device driver using java, but I didn't found tutorial about how to make device driverA : Can someone tell me where I can found tutorial how to make device driver using java?please someone help meI really appreciate your information.Thanks

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allright, my purpose is not looking driver for playstation joystick, but to make own playstation joystick driver,


I think I must tell you something :


a month ago I bought usb playstation joystick, when I bought it, the driver is available, but when I tried to install it on my windows 8 pc it blocked by windows defender because there is malware on that driver.


That's why I think I need to learn how to make own driver.


please help me


Thanks :(

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Do you know what the purpose of a driver is? If you want to do that as an exercise that's one thing, but trying to build your own driver with only consumer access to the device isn't going to be all that easy. You're talking about reverse-engineering how the thing works in order to tell the OS what to do. How do you expect to find out how the device works, what signals it sends to the OS? You're not talking about just building a driver, because that would imply that you already know how the device works, like you have the specifications for how it communicates. You don't have that. You're talking about reverse-engineering.

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