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Building a Login with PHP and MySQL...Need Help!


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Hello everyone,


I'm brand new to PHP and MySQL and I'm trying to build a login/register form for my company's website. I've literally scavenged the internet for the past 3 days and have watched multiple tutorials but still can't get my database to link to the php file(s). If anyone can guide me in the right direction or provide a dummy proof tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated!!!


(I would attach my php code but I literally have nothing and have gotten no where)


Any advice would help.




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As a starting point it is important to use prepared statements. See...




...and use POST, in the form tutorial beginning here...




...but then you need to use SQL such as...

SELECT * FROM usertable WHERE userid = ? AND password = ?

...and once you have that simple approach working then you need to look at hashing functions...



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