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Please help me adim, java scripters!!


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I tryed writeing a script that would password lock a page, well for example i want it to do something like this Here but it dosnt work so i tryed copying from a book and it told me to put<html><head><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">function displayPassword(){alert(\nname is ---"> +docment.entryForm.secret.name +"\nvalue is --->" +docment.entryForm.secret.name +"\ndefaultValue is ---"> +docment.entryForm.secret.defaultValue)}</script></head><body><Br><FORM NAME="ddd"></B><BR><BR><INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="secret" SIZE="15"VALUE="bosefus"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="passwordViewer"VALUE="Push To View" onClick="displayPassword()"></form></body></html>

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