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Converting a formula to a static entry


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Hello, any advise on how to structure the script on this?

Working in formsite.com. Using Custom Script options.


I pipe in data from other areas of the form with a 'formula' of sorts (sorry my only real experience is excel, and I don't know this lingo). Once that information is sent over, I want it to stay that information, not change as the formula does.


I have one field that tells me the time/date of NOW. Once that is filled in, I want the time to send to another field and stay put. I can 'pipe' it in, but if the form is accessed again, that time then changes to the current NOW...instead of the old now.



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That's how Javascript works, it only executes in the browser. If you want to save information on a server then you need to use something like a database and a server-side language like PHP to save and load the data in the database.

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