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File info from uploaded files


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Hi all,


I have an issue with uploading jpg-files.

I have 6 jpg's of different bytes... the smaller ones go well, the bigger files don't.

This are my files:


PictA.jpg 6.535 kB

PictB.jpg 2.422 kB

PictC.jpg 2.342 kB

PictD.jpg 1.919 kB

PictE.jpg 1.716 kB

PictF.jpg 1.405 kB


This is the piece of code I am running:

if (isset($_POST["upload"])){
	$userfile_name = $_FILES['image']['name'];
	echo "name: " . $userfile_name . "<br />";
	$userfile_tmp = $_FILES['image']['tmp_name'];
	echo "tempname: " . $userfile_tmp . "<br />";
	$userfile_size = $_FILES['image']['size'];
	echo "size: " . $userfile_size . "<br />";
	$userfile_type = $_FILES['image']['type'];
	echo "type: " . $userfile_type . "<br />";

This is the output:




name: PictA.jpg
size: 0




name: PictB.jpg
size: 0




name: PictD.jpg
size: 0




name: PictD.jpg
tempname: /tmp/phpAX5a1G
size: 1964351
type: image/jpeg




name: PictE.jpg
tempname: /tmp/phpVmeMDk
size: 1756983
type: image/jpeg




name: PictF.jpg
tempname: /tmp/phphSoeDv
size: 1437825
type: image/jpeg


How comes the bigger files (A, B and C) don't echo the info and

the smaller files (D, E and F) do echo the right info?


any clues?


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In php.ini there are rules such as "max_file_size" and "post_max_size"


max_file_size indicates the maximum size an uploaded file can have, post_max_size indicates the maximum allowed size of the entire POST request, including the files and other form data.


You should be checking for upload errors in the $_FILES['image']['error'] property. If the value of that property is anything other than zero you should display a message to the user letting them know what went wrong.

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Thanks for your quick response!!!!!


on the biggers files it gives an error "1" on the smaller files "0"


When I try phpinfo, then I get this location of my php.ini file:



Is it possible to adjust that file? How do I come there?

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If you're on a web host you probably should check their knowledgebase or send them a support ticket.

If this is your own server then just go to that directory and change the file.

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