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How to call a method

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I have my java as follows:

 public class Test_Final {

	 public void test_non_final () {

public class Test_Final_Caller extends Test_Final{ // separate file
		 public static void main(String args[]) {
			 Test_Final_Caller S1 = new  Test_Final_Caller();
			  System.out.println(S1.test_final_method()); // error here
			  System.out.println(S1.test_non_final());    // error here


I am not able to print hello from Test_Final_Caller. Can you advise?

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What does the error message say?


Your functions don't return anything, so there's nothing to print out to the system.


Use this function instead for testing:

public static void main(String args[]) {
  Test_Final_Caller S1 = new Test_Final_Caller()
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Actually w3schools.in is unaffiliated with w3schools.com (at least AFAIK)


The question you are asking is related to polymorphism.


A subclass can be declared as a superclass, as in the following...

Bicycle bike01 = new Bicycle(20, 10, 1);
Bicycle bike02 = new MountainBike(20, 10, 5, "Dual");
Bicycle bike03 = new RoadBike(40, 20, 8, 23);

Assuming the MountainBike and RoadBike classes both extend (inherit) the Bicycle class.





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