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Export Dashboard as a Webpage with FIXED LAYOUT


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I am seeing very different page layouts in Firefox and Internet Explorer – when I open the webpage exported from Excel. Internet Explorer renders the webpage EXACTLY like it is shown in the excel file – the Firefox has all the Dashboard pictures squeezed into one another. I wonder if there is a way to export excel worksheet to a webpage with a fixed layout which will render the SAME in all browsers?

I have attached the workbook exported and the snapshots of what I see in each of the browsers,



Files in my dropbox


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I do not trust any Microsoft Office products to generate a proper web page that works correctly in all browsers. Of course it will work in Internet Explorer, that's MIcrosoft's own browser.


I can't remember now, but I think there was a "raw html" option in the export settings, which may work better. If that's not correct, then upload it to Google Drive and try to have Google Drive export it to a better format.


If you want a page to look correct on all browsers you usually have to write the code yourself.

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