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Which technique - there are so many!


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Hello everybody,

I am seeking your guidance. I was reasonably technical but have been away from web programming for many years and so feel a bit lost!

What I need to make is a 1-page website that lists data records, which the user can filter based on selectale properties and/or text match. The screen must react to the filter choices and update itself.  

The data can be loaded from anything, even a csv file is ok.  Data is read-only.

Estimate 10,000 records, just a flat table of simple text, of between 100-400 characters each.

Development is on Mac OS.

Whatever I need I'm willing to learn, but want to make the right choice. I initialy though MySQL but found it complex to even set up. Javascript objects...dynamic html...  mmmm


Thank you so much for reading.



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If you want to use a database as the data store then that's one route to take, but if the data is static then you could get away with a CSV file or something.  You wouldn't even necessarily need to use a server-side language like PHP to build the table (although you could), you could just send an ajax request in Javascript to get the CSV file and parse it in Javascript and go through it to build the table dynamically.  Once the table is built and on the page then you'll probably just want to use a jQuery plugin or something for sorting and filtering.

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