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If Statement - Allowing only user with permissions to see


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Hi everyone,

I need a little help with trying to figure out what I need to do. I am writing an IF statement that allowed only certain users can see. So what I am trying to do, in my DB i have it created that if you are going to have certain access, the value in the DB is set to '1' for true. What I need help with is seeing how I can write and IF statement that reads that value and allows the user to see it. 

This is the current code I have:


if (isset($_SESSION['id'])) {
     echo "Welcome";
} else {
     echo "You not logged in or don't have access.";


With this code, anyone that logs in will be able to see it. What I want is another line of code that allows those with the value of  '1' in the DB to see it. I have tried many different ways of seeing if I can get it to work but it never does. It either always returned the value TRUE and reads the code or the value is FALSE; even if when I am login, the value turn FALSE.

So if anyone can give me just a quick moment of their time, that would be great.

NOTE: My DB Connection is in a header.

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