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Convert old PHP site into responsive one


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Dear All,

Please explain me how to convert these old PHP site into responsive one. The address of site is www.cnc4milling.com. Will be very thankfull to receive an information or code which to implement and convert the site into responsive. The other problem is changing of language on the web. At the beginning the website was created with one language English, but was prepared to be with two languages, but it was not finished at all. Please let to solve these problems and to make it with changing language. I have created also bulgarian varinat of the web pages and need only code to implement and to be possible to change the languages. Will be very thankfull to receive competitive help.

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards


P.S. Sending css file of the web site.


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It's not as simple as making a few changes.  It would probably be more efficient to just redesign it and start with a responsive design.  You may want to use something like Wordpress where you can have basically easy support for multiple languages without necessarily needing to be a programmer yourself.

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I have this code in the begining of my index file:


    $page=($_REQUEST['page'] ? $_REQUEST['page'] : "applications");
    $lang=($_REQUEST['lang'] ? $_REQUEST['lang'] : "en");
    $lang=($lang != "bg" && $lang != "en") ? "en" : $lang;
    include "./lang/" . $lang . "/menu.php";
        $title = checkPage($_GET['page']);
        $meta = metapage($_GET['page']);

Is it possible to convert this code and to able two language sellection English and Bulgarian.

Thank you in advance

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I don't know how that was set up, but it's including a file called menu.php in a directory based on the language, so maybe whoever built that expected you to create different files for each page and put them in the appropriate language directories, and then change that code on each page to include the files appropriate for that page and language.  You should have the same set of files in every language directory, the menu.php file should exist in the directory for every language.  I don't know how the original programmer set that up or what they put inside those files, but that's what it looks like.

I even couldn't insert button pictures for language change. Do you have in mind how this is possible to be done.

You can make a regular image link, but the URL should include a lang variable set to whatever language you want to use.

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