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Need some javascripting Help!


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Create a JScript script (w3_firstname_lastname.js) that takes two parameters to do the following:
1) List all files names, size, date created in the given folder
2) Parameter1 = Root Folder name
Parameter2= File size
The script should check and validate the folder name, and the size 
The script should loop until find all files greater than the specified size
3) Optionally, you can save the list into a file "Results.txt" using the redirection operator or by creating the file in the script.  
4) Make sure that you include comment block in all your codes
Submit your week 3 work in w3_firstname_lastname.zip

This is what was given to me for an assignment this week.. i do have part of a script built that get me file type, size and date modified, but I am not sure what to do with this. some assistance would be greatly appreciated! thank you!



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