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How do I include AngularJS in JS file?


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How can I include AngularJS in JS file? Not in HTML, but in JS file. I read that it is possible to use "require" NodeJS command, to call Angular lib functions. This code generates an error ('window is not defined'):
  1. const ang = require('../lib/angular');
  2. let myApp = ang.module("myApp", []);
  3. console.log(myApp);

Is there a way to fully include it in a js file?

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AngularJS is designed to be used in a browser. It relies on the existence of a window object, but server-side Javascript does not have a window.

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Thanks, Ingolme. Let me extend my question then: is it possible to include one .js file in another one? Hypothetically. For example, because of the fact I have too much code in one file.

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If you're working in a browser, the best approach is to add another <script> tag to your HTML document, everything declared globally in one Javascript file is accessible in all the other files that follow it.

You seem to be working in Node.js. My experience with server-side Javascript is limited but there's a discussion about it here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4481058/load-and-execute-external-js-file-in-node-js-with-access-to-local-variables

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