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CSS Color styles changing upon being hosted


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I have a local copy of a website on my machine, and I set the hex value of some colors to a specific value. When I view the website on my local machine, the colors appear as they should. After making the changes on the HTML and CSS files, I uploaded them to view the changes on the live webpage. I checked that the changes were kept, and that the hex values on the live matched my local copies. However, the colors are significantly brighter on the live web page. What should I be looking for?

EDIT: I have attached screenshots of the web pages. Note the "live" png is brighter, but I can guarantee that the css form w3-purple and w3-red match on both the live and Local copies.



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Without seeing any code I can't give an answer. If I had to guess I would say that the stylesheet version on your local server is probably different than on the live website. Another possibility is that there's some kind of dark overlay on the page. Open the developer tools in your browser and inspect the elements on the page to see more information.

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