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When There Is Always a Better Idea


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BACKGROUND:  What seemed to work everywhere before, still works in one environment, but not in another.  Although I suspect the problem lies in the following deprecation warning, there is no direct reference to the problematic webpage, and I have no investigative tools to research the problem in the environment in which the problem appears.



Deprecation warning: moment.lang is deprecated. Use moment.locale instead.
Arguments: en

DILEMMA:  One has only to compare the way  time appears in my webpage's Time Schedule in MacOS 10.7.5 and IOS 10.3.3.  In the former,  AM and PM are clearly displayed; in the latter, both appear as undefined.

QUESTION One:  What do you believe to be the likely source of the problem, and how would you go about fixing it.

QUESTION Two:  What webtools are available to me and other iPhone users?

PROBLEM SOURCE:  Grammar Captive mainpage.  See Time Schedule under the menu heading Availability in the page's navigation bar.


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I don't have an iPhone, but you can connect your phone to your computer and debug that way:


I don't know if that requires a computer running MacOS or just any computer running Safari.  I wouldn't be surprised if it requires MacOS, because that's how Apple rolls.  That's why I haven't bought into the Apple ecosystem.

It might just be a permission issue, maybe mobile Safari has a permission for things like getting the time on the device.  Maybe mobile Safari uses a non-standard interface to get the local date and time.

Deprecated features still work, it's just a warning that it's going to be removed at some point in the future.

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Unfortunately, the MacOS 10.7.5 of my computer browser does not accommodate the IOS 10.3.3 of my iPhone.  Perhaps further research on the internet will reveal something.


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