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I'm not holding back on this one,

(Critical)The minute I get in the site, I feel like my eyes are being assaulted by the high contrast circuit patterns. Your white text feels like the focus and its being diminished by being the same colour as the patterns. Your headings are also white, their contrast against the light green of your layout is also not visible enough.

  • I recommend just placing a light opacity black background to soften its harshness, I noticed its very pleasing when softened (example footer)

(Major) Your page footer doesn't reach the bottom of the browser if the content is too small. This includes your black fade at the bottom.

(Major) Your register page too much additional things added to it. Any page that has an important purpose, should only possess that purpose.

(Minor) Your main heading with "Webmasters Everything" feels like WordArt rather than a distinctive logo of sorts. May I recommend some form of Symbol. This could also double as your favicon. (Although this seems to be due to the distraction of the background than anything else)

(Minor) Your username and password input field labels feel odd due to the fact they don't share the same text alignment as the inputs themselves. I recommend left aligning them and seeing if you like them

(Fix) Your header is the reason there's a scrollbar, you can remove that 100% width on your <header> element.

(Opinion) Real looking (3d) UI feels old. Try something flat and clean.



I tried some live style editing, I like how it turned out. You're free to modify to this if you like this.


Edited by Funce
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Thank you! I'll look into some updates.Now that you point it out it's easy to see the contrast issues do need some work.

The extra fields on the register page were meant mostly to fill empty space. But it does look cleaner without it, so for sure going to remove that.

Thanks for the great advice, It's good to have someone who doesn't hold back.

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