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having a website

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Hi All,

Senior software developer here. Web is not my field.

Is there a simple way to have a website without learning well all those web technologies?

I've tried several times to create one with HTML5 and CSS3. I created more or less a basic structure. My intention was to have it for a while and update only the content

but then I stopped because I had to learn web techs. I spend most of free time learning stuff in my field and there is not time left for web techs.

Lately I learned about static site generators and I thought initially that they were excellent for my case. Then I discovered that I had to learn either javascript or go or react or etc.

I don't like drupal or wordpress way. I feel I have no enough control over all aspects.


Can someone address me in the right direction?


Thank you all

P.S.: sorry but for unknown reasons the site has posted my topic two times. You remove the other one. Thanks.

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There is a trade off between difficulty and customization. The easier it is to make a site, the less ability you have to customize it.

If you want to make the site yourself, you could use a platform like Wix or SquareSpace which can make sites without any knowledge of web languages. If you want full control over the site's customization without learning web languages, you should hire a web developer to make it for you.

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