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You probably don't need XML Schema. I can't be certain without more information, but my guess is that the Schema that you are thinking about is probably https://schema.org/

Can you provide more details about why you want to use schema? This way people can determine how to help.

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9 hours ago, Eagleapk said:

Hi, i am providng [link removed] on my website. i want to add expo schema. is there's any schema for expo or event. if anyone know please let me know i am waiting. thankyou

this is my website [link removed] i want to create schema for this website

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Removed link to commercial website
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You cannot link to your websites because they do not meet the forum guidelines. If you continue to do so your account will have to be suspended.

People on the forum can help you with schema, but only if you can indicate which schema you are referring to and why you need it.

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