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I want to remove the clickhandler from this element here https://jsfiddle.net/fiddlehunt/gvtLd3e9/40/...a tooltip is attached to it.

No jquery is used here..so I must resort to nativeJS...namely removeListener.


I know that to use removeListener I must know the method/function used originally in the addeventListener..which I do not.

SO...what  can I do to remove the listener?

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Unfortunately, you can only remove listeners is you have access to the function which was assigned as the event handler.

This "tippy" library, if it was built properly, must have some methods to remove tooltips. If not, then your only hope is to recreate the element and delete the old one.

// Get the old element
var old = document.getElementById("tippy_test");

// Create a new element
var replacement = document.createElement("div");
replacement.id = "tippy_test";
replacement.innerHTML = old.innerHTML;

// Replace the old element with the new one
old.parentNode.insertBefore(replacement, old);


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