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If Statements in Java


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Hey guys!

I'm struggling to get the correct code on this following example:

var weather = "sunny" ;

var IamHappy = true;


I'm trying to create a code with the if statement that will evaluate the condition  if the weather is sunny and I'm feeling happy. If so, it should print on the code block " Lets run".

what I have tried is this

if ( weather  & IamHappy == "sunny" ) {

    console.log("Lets run"); 


I'm still learning the basics of coding, but any help would much appreciated.






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Two problems I notice:

  1. The operator should be "&&"
  2. The value you want to compare with "sunny" is weather, not IamHappy.

To fix it, the line should look like this:

if(IamHappy && weather == "sunny") {

By the way, this is Javascript, not Java. They're two different languages.

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