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I'm taking over my website updating with no experience other than some initial tips which the previous programmer (now retired) gave me quickly. I've managed to update a few items successfully. I have a question on the home page...I understand the home page is the "index.htm" document. I want to update the home page. I was told to click 'Edit in HTML Editor' to do this. However, if I make mistakes I don't want the changes to go 'live' until I know the changes are correct. Is there some way of copying the "index.htm" to my hard drive, making the changes there, then upload to website when I know all is good? Second, as per the screen shot below, do I make all the changes in the 'Edit in HTML Editor' or do I use 'Edit in Code Editor' or 'Edit in Text Editor' to get all of the formatting correct re paragraph spacing, etc.? Thanks for any advice.



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I am unaware of the editor program you seem to be using.  I use a regular text editor to create the HTML file.  I test the file contents with any browser.  I run the scripts on my local computer before I put them "live" on the internet. You might be best advised to follow one of the many tutorials that create HTML/CSS/JS programs found on the web.


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