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IE Issues/Absolute positioning

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I've been helping someone with his site which is http://www.ottawasubaru.com/test/index_e.php. It's going pretty well except we have 2 issues.First of all he has a phpbb forum. His site outside of the forum was completely static. I recommend to have php pages since it's supported with his hoster and would just save time. He accepted and I modified a php script to get the content of his pages in a certain post on his board that only the admin has access. Basically, there is a post in his phpbb forum for his index page, members page, membership page and so on. It's kinda restrictive but anyway it's working.Now my issues. I did the site design with divs and was working great. He then added a table in his post for structure and in IE 6 I get a large spacing above his table (200-300px) but it doesn't show in IE 7 or firefox. I don't understand why... His code seems fine. On the membership page, the following lines are not showing after loading the page. They only show once highlighted or scrolling. very weird. Also if you move another window in front the that empty space you will see somekind of gray color.

A few questions about our membership 1. How do I become a NCSC member? 2. What does it cost to become a member? 3. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
I was able to narrow it down to the left navigation. If I completely remove the left navigation, the spacing is gone in the content area. I believe it's the float: left property that causes this. I then tried absolute positioning the left nav, in IE it was great but in firefox it had a difference of about 20px. Other issue is the right banner, which I scripted a random rotating banner. It's the positioning that's the issue. I positioned it absolutely. It's great in IE but in Firefox it's lower. Any solution to this? I tried float right and it was too low.Thanks for the help :)Edit: I guess it's all about the absolute positioning. If I solve that problem I'm fine. I searched on google for solutions to this problem but couldn't find much. What I found out is that absolute position in IE counts the padding of surrounding objects (divs, images... ) and Firefox and others don't. Anyway if you go any ideas let me know. Edited by vchris
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yeah, don't use it.It is so hard to get things to work with absolute positioning. If I have to play with positioning I always use relative and wrp the element in a container.It takes a bit more planning but it works out much easier.

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OK but in this case it seems like just floating the left nav on the left causes issues with the content area which is completely separate from the left nav. Other issue is the right banner that isn't at the same location in different browsers but there isn't any other way of doing this, I can't float. Isn't relative kinda like absolute?I'll try relative tonight probably.

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