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a:visited state not honored

Roger B

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I'm having trouble with a:links. The trouble is illustrated and described at the top of this page: linktest.

Side question: what is a good way to handle links styles on cell phones / tablets? Would an active setting help viewers realize a link's status?

This is for a senior community and we are trying to make our web site more user friendly.

Thanks in advance.


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I tested this in Firefox and it works as I expect. In order to prevent a link from being marked visited you have to delete the page from the browser's history, just clearing the cache wouldn't work.

I'm not sure what you're referring to by "link's status" in your second question. The :active state of the link only appears briefly when the link is clicked before the browser loads another page, so its main purpose is to let the user know that the link was clicked successfully which may be good for user experience.

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