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Dear W3Schools do you have plans to insert more live Python demos for 3D plots ?


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Dear W3Schools do you have plans to insert more live Python demos for 3D plots ?


I loved your on-line Java Script courses in the past.

Last month I installed Python 3.8 for Windows 7 but Matplotlib and pumpy crash it immediately when run and there is no support from Python or Matplotlib forums (generally down), so I am looking for on-line Python interpreter to test some Matplotlib examples.

Gallery of 3D plot examples by Matplotlib is large



Any chance to have some more 3D plotting examples to join your



Ok, I am aware of server's side limitation.

I just need to Python test code from remotely, until my Python run on PC, supports Matplotlib, numpy


Ok, 3D plotting may be heavy for your server.

What about more files use examples, supporting user input files for test




examples don't come with RUN button to let me modify and run code



thank you

You are the best

I wish you all the best

and prosperity in private and business life








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