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Element is ignoring transform(...)


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This does not work - the form is ignoring the the transform.

            formFeedback.style.transform = "translate(100, 10000)";

Why would that be?
What is it that you have to do to element CSS properties to get the element ot be able to be moved?


	display: inline-block;
	position: relative;
	border-style: none;
	margin-right: var(--Margin);
	margin-top: var(--Margin);
	margin-bottom: var(--Margin);
	padding: 10px;
	background-color: var(--ColorMastheadBG);
	border-radius: var(--BorderRadius);

<form class="form" style="z-index:1;" id="feedback_form" method="post" action="" style="display:block;">

	<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" style="layout:fixed;width: 400px;">
			<td style="text-align:right;">
			<td colspan="2">
				<textarea cols="64" name="textarea_comments" id="textarea_comments" rows="2" tabindex="3" maxlength="256"></textarea>
			<td style="text-align:left;">&nbsp;</td>
			<td style="text-align:left;width:600px;">
				<img alt="images/thumbs_up.png" src="images/thumbs_up.png" width="20">
				<input checked="checked" name="feedback" id="radio_feedback_positive" tabindex="1" type="radio" value="true">
				<img alt="images/thumbs_down.png" src="images/thumbs_down.png" width="20">
				<input name="feedback" id="radio_feedback_negative" tabindex="2" type="radio" value="false">
				<td style="text-align:left;">
					<input name="submit_feedback_edit" type="submit" value="SAVE">


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You have to specify units for the transformation. I guess you intended the measurements to be in pixels: translate(100px, 10000px)

Be sure that the variable formFeedback is pointing at the right element.

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