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Vertical align text with image


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I'm having a challenge using CSS property vertical-align,  I want to use the latest CSS to get this done, not put the code within the HTML or putting the style under the head of the page.  The CSS code as follows

p.parrot img {
vertical-align: text-top;



<p.parrot img?<img src-"Images/redparrot.gif wisth="195" height="156">

I've uploaded the file so go to animalandhumannutrition101.com/ourstory.html to view it with the problem


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Your HTML needs to be like this

<p class="parrot">
  <img src="Images/red_parrot_on_computer_lg_clr_6287.gif" width="195" height="156">
  My story begins with me ...

"p.parrot" selects any <p> element where the class attribute has "parrot" in it. "p.parrot img" selects an image which is inside that <p> element.

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