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File Input tag in html


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i think you must use css
I dont think you need to use css. i dont see why you would want to change the browse button to upload because it would still bring up the window to find a file. you can change the submit button to say upload by adding a value to it like i did in the code below.
<form action="process.php" method='post'><input type='file' name='file'><input type='submit' vlaue='upload'></form>

now if you wanted the user to type in a location you could get rid of the browse button but then you would run the risk of having them input a wrong location or something that does not exsist. I strongly recomend not using the code below.

<form action="process.php" method='post'><input type="text" name="file"><inpuit type="submit" value="upload"></form>

this post should really be in the html section not php.

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