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  1. SFB


    there are so many shades of green in a corn plant that it really wouldn't matter. I don't really have the time to go to my nearest paint place and match the color correctly. I also don't really think if i got the true color it would display the same on every monitor for every person. I see different colors depending on the angle of looking so someone with a short torso sees a different color than someone who sits taller. I'm just looking for a color that looks like a plant green I don't need it to be true plant green.
  2. SFB


    I was thinking of taking a picture of it and then putting the picture in a painting program and use one of the color matching tools to get the color.
  3. SFB


    I've been having troubles finding a color that looks something like a corn plant. I was making a site mostly for fun that could possibly be used by a seed company that I live by. I wanted to use a green/corn plant color theme. It just cant find a green that I feel looks like the green of a corn plant. I'm almost beginning to think that not all colors can be made on a monitor and the green i want is one of those colors. I'm looking for hexadecimal or RGB color values if anyone has one they think would look good.
  4. 1.What web languages do you currently code in?Html xhtml css php2.Do you prefer any web languages to others? If so, what? Why?php 3.Please rate the learning curve of the following web languages; leave blank if you have not used the language. If you are currently learning the language, please note how long you expect it to take you to learn the language. If there are languages that have been omitted and you have input regarding the learning curve, please add it at the end of the question.1.HTML(B)1 to 2 weeks2.PHP(d)more than 4 weeks3.CSS(a)less than 1 week4.Do you feel that Internet Explorer hinders your designing effectiveness in any way? Explain.I feel that it slows down the process of making a website that looks the same in all browsers. 5.Do you feel that Firefox hinders your designing effectiveness in any way? Explain.Firefox has not hindered my designing at all6.Do you feel that any other browser hinders your designing effectiveness in any way? Explain.7.How often do you adhere strictly to W3C standards?(b)most of the time8.Is there one web language you use more than others? Which one, and why?PHP with xhtml9.How long have you been doing web design or development?2-3years10.Do you have any certifications? If so, which ones?no
  5. SFB

    Download PHP script

    you would probably have to have access to upload a new file and also know the locations of all the old files. you can use the fopen and fread functions to open the file and read it. then you could print out what you got from the fread function into a text box and then copy it and paste it in a new file. you would have to know the locations of your files on the servers to do this easily.
  6. The warnings may have always been there but on your old host they may have turned them off. If your code works the way you would like it too you should probably use error suppression in your include like you said
  7. there is an ini_set function that you can use in any php file but if you not on your own webhost it is probably blocked. some (not many) webhosts allow a php.ini file in your main directory.
  8. I'm a bit confused. you are saying that a file 1mb works and one 10mb doesn't?
  9. the errors are telling you that it wants $object_array to be an array but for some reason it isn't an array. take a look at the code where you work with $object_array and double check that it is actually an array
  10. SFB

    Perl & PHP??

    I would also recommend php. It was very easy to learn and you can easily add it to the pages you already have.
  11. I think it is better for websites to not have background music. most of the people that want to hear music while surfing the web are alredy listening to their own music. but if you really want backgroud music i think there is like a backgroundsound tag. your other option would be to use something like embed tag. It would probably be better to use the embed tag and then have autostart set to false so the viewer can choose to play the music.
  12. I think it is a good first template. You should probably start looking into adding som css now. they way you are changing the colors and some other things is fine but some of those ways are depreciated. browsers still understand it but it is better if you used css insted. I challange you in the future (after you have a good understanding of css) to make a template without using a table. you can use div's and other tags and then have css align them how you want.
  13. I learned how to use sessions from http://php.net. they have good informations on all the functions and they also have little examples. This page is a good starting point for session http://us3.php.net/manual/en/ref.session.php its got extra information so mabye just read the introduction section and the Sessions and security section and then look at their example. if you dont get what one of the functions does, search for it on php.net. It isnt really in tutorial form but its how i learned php
  14. SFB

    dynamic menu

    I'm just a little confused on what you want. so it seems like you have some sort of menu with links and you want to be able to use a script to edit them? now you also want the users to be able to add their own links to that menu? if i am correct i would start with creating your menu in a file named something like menu.php then you could make an admin pannel for you to edit the links and you can make a page for the users to add links.
  15. I think it would be usefull to go in each board and make a pinned/sticky post that has code examples for the commly asked questions. There are lots of examples of the code around here for people to search but the average user doesnt seem to search, they just ask. or mabey we just dont realize it when people search. anyways I think it would be usefull to the helpers and users to have examples that can be refered to. an example of one of these could be like Post name: PHP Email SendingMessage: Code... information about the code...Just another one of my opinions
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