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how to connect forms

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That is computer programming, this is web developing. Sorry, but you're only supposed to post about vbscript in this forum. Still, from what I know, i don't think that's possible. I tried it out once.

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what do you mean connect forms in VB6? Why do you need ot connect forms.Why can't you do everything on one form? You can process the same form multiple ways based on the events that are fired.Reconsider your design, you are probably making it more complicated than it needs to be.

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can any 1 tell how to connect different forms in the same project using in vb 6.0.

what kind of connection do you need?if you want to open another form, in the button_click event you writeForm2.showif you want the data from one form to be transfered to another form you write in the form_load event of that formForm2.Text=Form1.Text1.Text
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