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Hey :).I've been trying to look ower a few sites but cant find it, and its harder when i dont know what the function is named.its like you have 4 tables :1menu1banner1main (where the page goes)1stats page.i have all tables and that stuff just need help to find the script im looking for.anyone here that can help me?-----------------------------------------------------------------------Tested out the Ajaxnavigation2 but it dident support my forums dont know why though,i had one script like it before but cant remeber where i got it from or how it was, just know it is javascript of some kind.it was like a strechable iframe and if($page == "sell"){ require_once"sell.php";to get page we used GET function if i aint wrong.. Have searched about everwhere now, and no1 seems to know it, should not be so hard i really just think it is to add bodyonload then name a tableid for etc page then use require or include but i dont have an idea of how i chould make it work...---- Kris

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