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  1. Kristian_C

    php Challenged

    why it works well, just becouse it is the right way to use it, you chould use : echo"$key . $item .\"<br>\n\""; //but why do you have the \n actually? <br> works just fine dont it? Dont actually understand what the whole challenge thing was about ..-Kristian_C
  2. You can allways use .php if your server supports php files... And you dont need to have any php in it.. .. Dont know if it just was this you was asking about but.. yeah ...-Kristian_C.
  3. you can etc use PHP to do this, if you store the prosses %'s in a mysql database, like from 1-100 you can use a function like this : <?phpsession_start();$user=$_SESSION['user'];$usero=mysql_fetch_object(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE user='$user'"));echo"<table border=\"1\" width=\"100\" bordercolor=\"000000\" cellpadding=\"0\"><tr><td width=\"100\">User Prosess</td></tr><tr><td bgcolor=\"ff0000\" width=\"$usero->prosess\">$usero->prosess%<td></tr></table>";?> Think thats how i used something simlar one time ..
  4. do need the js to get the box tho, i know about overlib but want something else... -Kristian_C
  5. Kristian_C

    Security Solutions

    Since we are in on security here, do someone have som tips and tricks how to make a site secure? Things ive been tip'd about before is :use md5() on passwords,use mysql_real_escape_string() on $_POST,have the form action file in another folder,and use array to get pages in this post...any other tips or tricks you guys got?-Kristian_C
  6. Hey, just wondred if it was possible to like reload the page or a place on page without "reloading" like an invisible realod that etc reloads a div only and all information/php scripts dont get tuched by the reload...possible? well help me to get? , really need something like it .. but i cant use that function becouse then my site fades in and out everytime it gets reloaded and all scripts are beeing runned over and over and over again ..-Kristian_C
  7. Hehe ... well seems like i need to get abit more into the file thing ... never used it before, wanted to be able to something sometime not so many weeks ago, but dident need it ..thanks for the info Synook ...
  8. No problem :)Im allmost on every day 24/7 so ill be here to answer questions ...-Kristian_C
  9. It is a codeing forum for one of the best learning sites on the net, just check out this links and practice...http://w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_insert.asphttp://w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_select.asphttp://w3schools.com/php/php_post.asphttp://w3schools.com/php/php_mysql_update.asphttp://w3schools.com/html/html_forms.aspThere you should have what you need to start... After you have read abit and created a html code to run this script, then i can help you with errors and stuff... This aint a forum for people to get free scripts ready made but help to finish them and answers to their question...
  10. ok, just change the max file upload value to $max frist, then you add this code right afther the code i gave you : if($usere->userlevel=="User"){ // if User$max="1000000"; //think it is 10mb :p.} elseif($usere->userlevel=="Administrator"){ //if Admin$max ="2500000";} else{$max="100000"; //if visitor.} to be able to change stuff for users, just read about post and get functions and some MySQL...-Kristian_C.
  11. Kristian_C

    BB code

    An easy way is : function bbtext($text) { //name of the function$text = eregi_replace("\\[color=([^\\[]*)\\]([^\\[]*)\\[/color\\]","<font color=\"\\1\">\\2</font>",$text); //For color.$text = eregi_replace("\\[size=([^\\[]*)\\]([^\\[]*)\\[/size\\]","<font size=\"\\1\">\\2</font>",$text); //font sizereturn $text; //return the text.} //end functionfunction smile($text){ //name of the function $text = str_replace(':( ', '<img src="images/sad.gif">', $text); //returns an image.. $text = str_replace(':)', '<img src="images/smile.gif">', $text); //just the sa
  12. Okay, so what you are saying is that if im useing much scripts that runs all the time i should use it?!?... Then i think it whould be the best for me to use it .. The scripts im creating will be used by around 100-1500people every day, or more... Thank you once again for beeing so helpful ...-Kristian_C.
  13. If you cant code anything at all yourself you really should study PHP, MySQL and HTML first... Aint no point helping you if you cant do sh*it actually...-Kristian_C.
  14. Well what kind of site are you creating?....-Kristian_C
  15. what kind of groups do you think about?, added userlevel there, as in user, mod, admin... do change level on urself you can go to the MySQL database and insert you or edit ur user and set userlevel to Administrator..to set others :admin.php <?php//insert the code i said you had to have on all sites...if(!$users->userlevel="Administrator"){ //block user if user aint adminecho"Only admins here mate";}else //if user is admin{?>//your html code here<?phpif(isset($_POST['makeadmin'])){$userto=$_POST['userto']; //make a textfield with the name userto here you insert the name of the user
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