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  1. I have used this free script http://www.rlaj.com/cgi-bin/download/freedownload.cgi?RegDownload&password&Password for that purpose.
  2. I agree that a server side script is the way to go. I have used this simple Perl one to "to redirect each user to a specific page". http://www.rlaj.com/cgi-bin/download/freedownload.cgi?RegDownload&passredir&Passwd+Redirect
  3. I agree that PHP is the way to go. Generate a page containing only the selected images using PHP.
  4. It is not like any table that I have used but Dave's suggestion does work. <html><head><style>#confirm { color:red;}</style></head><body><th><form id="confirmation" name="myFormAll" method="post" action="confirm.php"> <input type="number" id="amount" name="amount" style="width:100px;" required min="0" /></th><th> <input type="submit" value="Confirm" id="confirm" /></form></th></body></html>
  5. f and t are strings and so don't have a ".value".
  6. It is probably not the whole answer but side should be display:inline and try using dragon.png as an <img> within the side div.
  7. Booting - bootstrap loader - refers to the colloquial expression of "dragging something up by it's bootstraps" = using something small to achieve a bigger result. A small segment of code is stored in ROM, performs basic initialization and loads a larger piece of code from external storage to complete the startup process.
  8. If you want to use php for validation, you will need to load separate code as the embedded php will only be executed when the page loads.
  9. Are you expecting to access an array category[], because category[] is just your checkbox name. What are you applying .serializeArray() to?
  10. Another version. Uses an alert instead of "warning" div and has no submit button. Note that to change the visibility of an element it needs to have an id, so the <p> in your code should have id="warning" not the enclosing div. Is it necessary to allow wrong guesses? If not then a select dropdown would be a better option. <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"><html><head><script type="text/javascript">var validFiles = ["tree", "chocolate", "bird", "candle", "apple"];function processWord() { var theWord = inputForm.elements["TypeWord"].value; if (validFiles.indexOf(theWord) == -1) { alert("Oops, wrong word, please try again."); } else { var newWindow = window.open(theWord + ".php"); }}</script></head><body><div id="main"> <form name="inputForm"> <ul> <li><input class="inputbox" type="text" name="TypeWord" value="" onchange="processWord()" placeholder="Type a word here"/></li> </ul> </form></div></body></html>
  11. What it probably requires is to establish what the variable is named and assign it to an appropriate innerHTML..
  12. If the code is manually added to the Shopify pages then it should not be too difficult, but we probably need to see more of the existing pages.
  13. The way to fix this would be to get the Shopify login for your site and edit your site through their editing capabilities.
  14. You seem to have assumed (without doing the suggested research) that JSON is another programming language. It is nothing more that a way of converting data to and from a string representation and is exactly what you need.
  15. I don't think that you can manage the blog in that detail. Google (blogger.com) look after those details. The area that you indicated is where your next blog will appear.
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