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  1. how can i do that? i wonder so badly

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  3. Chocolate570

    How do you say these computer terms?

    Many people I know pronounce WYSIWYG as 'wissiwig'.
  4. Chocolate570

    How do you say these computer terms?

    In my mind (when I'm reading things) I pronounce it ess queue ell, but when I'm speaking, I pronounce it sequel.
  5. Chocolate570

    Accepting Payment Online

    Remember though -- paypal takes a fee on your transaction so you get less than you bargained for.
  6. Chocolate570

    I Will Pay Someone

    Okay guys, please, let's focus on the topic on hand.
  7. Chocolate570

    Help me design the next killer app

    Hah! I usually do eat pizza while using the computer too. I know see that's a bad idea...:)Then there's always the chance that you'll spill beer on your rejuvenated idea. Where can we brainstorm?
  8. Chocolate570

    Help me design the next killer app

    Oh man. They told me that the hair would stop coming. >_> Gosh.:)I do totally agree with you. It is much harder to maintain a code written out-of-the-air than one where you know how it works extensively because of your collection of bar napkins.
  9. Chocolate570


    Try adding an overflow-x:hidden; to the style of that element...I can't remember whether or not that works, unfortunately =[Otherwise, try an absolutely positioned element over the scroll bar. I believe IE allows you to overlap scrollbars with elements with high z-indices? (spelling?)
  10. Chocolate570

    Help me design the next killer app

    Not for most of the people on this forum, I bet. :)Yeah, planning is crucial to a big application...but whenever I'm coding for coding's sake, I try to not plan anything and just go for it. It helps me because I'm not tied down by my own specifications. I just write what I want and whatever features come up are fine with me.
  11. Chocolate570

    Layout Stretching Problems

    Hey guys! :)I'm coding a layout for a friend and I need to know why it wont work.http://seekond.com/ZS/It's almost done, floating/widths/everything are in the right places cross-browser. This is the last problem (I hope!)In a big screen (1024x1280, 19" monitor) the site would look normal with the outer div (the borders and background of all the content, #wrapper in HTML & CSS) stretching to the bottom of the page. But resize the screen, and you'll notice that the back doesn't meet the bottom of the page, and goes higher and higher as you keep resizing. WHY!Also, the copyright is supposed to rest at the very bottom of the page, hugging the bottom of #wrapper. Why doesn't that work either =[Please help. CSS can be found here:http://seekond.com/ZS/style.css
  12. Chocolate570

    Can I Add one or more Buttons?

    No, sorry. You'd need a custom confirm/prompt box made with HTML & JS.
  13. Chocolate570

    onkeydown not firing in Opera 9

    I remember seeing somewhere that someone just turned the content editing mode on of the textarea and it would tab in normally. Much shorter. Maybe it was jquery? Loading...http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/ttabs.html#Yup. There ya go.And this is the source code for the page: <html><head><title>TTabs demo - Interface plugin for jQuery</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="/jquery/jquery.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="/interface/interface.js"></script></head><body><textarea id="testArea" cols="50" rows="10"></textarea><a href="#" onClick="$('#testArea').EnableTabs()">enable tabs in textarea</a> <a href="#" onClick="$('#testArea').DisableTabs()">disable tabs in textarea</a></body></html> The interface plugin & jquery.
  14. Chocolate570

    Script Rating

    Ah, that is one of the most common mistakes in spambot protection...administrators don't think that the spambots read the URLs, but that they just look at the page as a user would. Not the best idea, and often, it overrides all of your spam protection.