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  1. Oh no, Ingolme!!! It seems to be an interesting behaviour of window.getComputedStyle() and getPropertyValue("text-decoration") Its important to note, that the exercise checks for the existence of none inside this property value. On Firefox, when you've defined the text-decoration as none it actually removes the text-decoration-line(default: underline) and text-decoration-style(solid) keywords from the text-decoration property value. So you're only left with the text-decoration-color. Hence the process fails. On Chrome, text-decoration is property that seems to be directly combined from text-decoration-line, text-decoration-style, and text-decoration-color. Hence none exists, the process succeeds, and the question is marked correct. If the question checked for text-decoration-line instead of generic text-decoration, this question would no longer be an issue. I agree, this is very interesting stuff!
  2. Be aware that the recent version of Firefox is having some issues with some of the exercises. As an alternative, Chrome works just fine on this question.
  3. Hi there, welcome to the forums! @ioannis Can you reduce this example down to a more readable size? I can guarantee you won't need the entire page to show off the dropdown behaviour And try a code block for your code.
  4. If you can catch the URL of these pages (the w3 page, not the malicious one), and send it to me via Private Message when it occurs, that would be good.
  5. You specify that last week it was happening, is it not happening any more? I haven't seen anything, which pages were you looking at? All of the ads on w3schools are GoogleAds. If you run into malicious advertising you'll need to report the ad itself in the top right hand corner of it.
  6. What would you be looking for in particular? Because that's one of the w3.css examples, not the basic ones. If you want some more w3.css, there are a large amount of examples you can find here
  7. You need to add some styling to the row class so that it has the spacing it requires. If you add margin-bottom: 5px to your declaration, it should space alright, and you can adjust that figure to your needs.
  8. Funce

    Alias for Tables Example

    This SQL is filtering by CustomerName of Around the horn, equivalenting to a CustomerID of 4. This is not the same as an employeeID. IF you look closely at the returned set, you'll find that the two records have an employeeID of 6 and 8 respectively. CustomerID CustomerName ContactName Address City PostalCode Country OrderID EmployeeID OrderDate ShipperID 4 Around the Horn Thomas Hardy 120 Hanover Sq. London WA1 1DP UK 10355 6 1996-11-15 1 4 Around the Horn Thomas Hardy 120 Hanover Sq. London WA1 1DP UK 10383 8 1996-12-16 3
  9. How about you post some code for us to look at your implementation. It may be some obscure JavaScript thing tripping it up.
  10. Funce

    Coding help!

    If you want to send an email based on form submission, then you'll need to use a server-side programming language. Try the PHP tutorial, and proceed onto PHP Forms for Form Handling. Then check out the mail() function after that. You can take a look at other server side languages but PHP is my bias.
  11. Which browser are you using? You're usually able to get the console by going into the Browser developer tools. On Chrome that's F12
  12. Have you checked your JavaScript console for errors? It may give you a clue as to what's going on.
  13. Hi there, welcome to the forums! As it stands, your question can't really help us determine what's wrong apart from downloading a random file. It would help if you did the following Tell us in your post what you're trying to do. Are you seeing an error? Or looking for one. What makes you think its an error, if you can't find it? Tell us what you're expecting Give us a snippet of code using the code block feature to show what's actually happening.
  14. This exercise doesn't seem to be functioning robustly. Any whitespace will cause the question to be rejected as a failure. This includes new line characters after the code, additional spaces between commands, or otherwise. The best you can do, is to find the associated tutorial and press Report Error at the bottom of the page.
  15. You need to make sure you're using an absolute path when referring to the target directory. PHP has no concept of relative paths Nevermind this part You can generally access the web root by using <?php $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] Alternatively, you can use <?php __DIR__ This will create an absolute path of the current directory of the running file. So this one may more easily fit into your current code. Give it a try.
  16. I can stick around for a while Roddy. Just grabbed lunch(Oh New Zealand time) so I'm quite clear for the next few hours.
  17. Regardless of what PHP does, all the JavaScript receives is a string(in this case) so processing still happens. But... I just had a thought. the jQuery ajax success method takes an "intelligent guess" on what data is being received and parses accordingly. (I just looked it up because I wasn't sure) It could be that you're attempting to JSON.parse a JSON object.... Try taking it out and seeing what happens. Or you can console.log it and see if its an object or a string to be parsed.
  18. Because you're parsing the JSON data from the server, if JSON.parse is failing it means that the PHP file may be incorrectly outputting the JSON. This may come about as a PHP error(ending execution before output) or maybe its just malformed. Check your Network tab of your webconsole, and see if you can find the call to the Captcha file. You'll be able to see what the server responded with.
  19. Oh! I see. Can you instead look for 200 vs 500 response code behaviour, and try it again?
  20. Might be a good step. But you've just replaced all the lines, and the error hasn't come back? Or did it come back at an earlier step?
  21. Now return the lines removed, one at a time, until it errors.
  22. I was referring to specifically these three lines. If the page errors with just these lines (and your error logging) then the error resides inside these pages. <?php require_once '.../vendor/autoload.php'; require_once '.../select_color_pair.incl.php'; require_once('.../class.imageless_captcha.php');
  23. Good, good. I want to see if any of those included files are silently erroring Can you create a separate page that just includes them on their own, and see if that creates a 500 error?
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