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  1. Why do you think Opera is the best? I currently use IE 7. Have you uninstalled IE? Maybe I'll use all three.
  2. Nice. I guess there's more than one way to do the same thing.
  3. CSS? Wouldn't it only be good with CSS if you wanted to create it multiple times? Or in different pages? Maybe I have the wrong idea about CSS. <table border="1"><tr><td><ul><li>apples</li><li>oranges</li></ul></td><td><ul><li>apples</li><li>oranges</li></ul></td></tr></table> Adding <table border="1"> makes it look more interesting, IMO.
  4. I read somewhere that file names ending in .html are better for search engines, do you think this is true? I mean, when you're using HTML of course, that there really isn't any reason to continue making filenames ".htm" Does anyone do this? It was just something I read about, search engines like ".html" not sure if it's fact or fiction though.
  5. I chose Notepad, so am I missing out on anything by just using Notepad? It's pretty basic ... You code in there, you create the file name + EXT when you're done, and then you can edit it. Yeah, basic. But works! The other programs probably try to automate things? Not sure what Notepad2 is about.
  6. crud3w4re

    Where are you?

    Just added myself. There goes anonymity!
  7. Two questions:Can a computer run two browsers? Say, Microsoft IE 7 and Firefox? Or is it best to stick to one? I currently use IE 7, which is sort of "embarassing" to admit, so I was thinking that maybe I should switch to Firefox.Which is the best browser to have? Firefox? And what are the browsers coded in? ty
  8. Hello, what's up? I just joined to learn new things. I'd like to obtain more CSS knowledge, I already know alot of it though. I know bits and pieces of many things, mostly from modifying code, I seldom ever start new projects on my own. I plan to use CSS to create website templates, maybe profit.
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