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  1. This sounds like one of those PC vs. Mac situations.Go Mac!!:-D
  2. I have no personal experience with PayPal, but I have heard two things;1) At least in the U.S.A., once a person has signed up with PayPal, PayPal then somehow gains a lot of legal control over one's bank accounts, which, perhaps in a worst case, could possibly have one's assets "frozen", until PayPal determines otherwise.2) Once a person has signed up with PayPal, it may then not be possible to sign out of PayPal, or, in other words, once in, in for good.Anyway, such are the rumors I have heard.
  3. I have both a pile of good books and Internet contacts. Each has its place, and I would be in a bind without the both of them. Probably the hardest part is in keeping one's imagination and creativity going strong while grinding through endless mountains of mind numbing technical material. It's something of a balancing act.Because my background is mechanical engineering, however, I have already learned how to do such a balancing act, yet would otherwise side with those who recommend a formal education, to anybody not having already done so.
  4. Every now and then I hear something which seems really worthwhile to remember, and my thanks to you.:-D
  5. As a newbie to Web design, I really have no experience with IE6, in that regard. My interest in Web design did not begin until after my purchase of an IE7 equipped PC. So, I suppose my comments about IE7 were more in regard to overall utility, of IE7 vs. IE6, including such as E-mail, where I have found some major faults with IE7. Actually, the IE7 browser seems to work fairly well, but my experience with MSN E-mail has been very bad. Moreover, the E-mail system appears to have caused OS troubles, which, in turn, appear to have migrated to other system functions. Altogether, I am experienc
  6. My old Microsoft based PC, an HP pavilion XT983, is now more than five years old. It came with IE6, and, although I am just getting started with Web design, even I can tell that the new IE7 is simply bug nuts crazy, like nothing I could explain.Some day, eventually, maybe I will have learned enough to be able to explain this experience in "professional" language, but for now all I can say is that IE7 is somewhere between weird and flat out BAD, not good.It is nothing less than irresponsible for Microsoft to have passed such a thing onto the public. I am going to Mac OS X.;-)
  7. Hello, HAL?(hehe,...2001, a space odyssey!)Hello, Dave!Honestly, this IE7 is weird.;-)
  8. In plain language, you have just handed me some solid gold. However, I have already downloaded Firefox into this IE7/Microsoft PC, and, unfortunately, the results were not good.There is something about this IE7 which simply resists the various improvements which I have so far tried.It looks as though IE7 was designed to NOT be tampered with.I do thank you, however, and I will return to your post, soon, probably to put that gold into a new Mac PC.Edit: Let me add, that the IE7 I am using is an October 2006 release, and maybe not the latest.:-)
  9. As a newbie, I am glad to hear that I do not need more than one PC!!However, the truth be told, I have already tried to install, for instance, IE6 on my new PC which came with IE7 installed, and, long story short, apparently IE7 does not allow any installation of IE6. So, I am ready to believe that at least one more PC could be required, one with IE6. Like you, however, I am not concerned about, say, Windows 95, or anything so old as that. After all, the "market" is where the money is, and the real money is not using antique equipment. That, however, is not to say that everybody is using a
  10. When I opened this thread, I was wondering about the possible need to have a bench including a number of different browsers, as a browser farm, just to verify that a Web design could be "universally" published. Of course, there do seem to be some limits, that after enough time has passed certain older browsers could for practical purposes be considered obsolete. And, with the notable exception of Microsoft products, there does seem to be some trend toward a browser standard, perhaps more so than, say, several years ago. However, let me thank you for confirming that which I was wondering abo
  11. My thanks to each and to all of you who have responded to my question. Apparently it is not necessary to have a whole bench full of browsers, as a browser "farm", and I am now aware that "workarounds" exist to help solve certain browser incompatibilities.Let me add a vote, that a common WWW standard be adopted, perhaps as W3C.Again, I thank you.:-D
  12. Later last year, my old PC was all of five years old, had become corrupted, and the time had come to replace it. So, I went to my local PC dealer, and purchased the latest Microsoft PC, which, as of October 2006, included the latest, Internet Explorer 7 browser. Thank goodness, there is a thread here at W3 Schools, to express my absolute horror at the latest Microsoft IE7 product!!It is bad enough to use Outlook Express, as E-mail, but just wait until you try MSN, or any of the other higher-order, Microsoft E-mail products!! Indeed, within a matter of days, my brand new PC went E-nuts, comp
  13. I thank you, Sir.In no way did I intend to implicate the excellent nation of Bulgaria, please, and, from this moment forward, I will direct any further Microsoft commentary to the particular browser discussion you mentioned.With all due respect, please, I thank you.;-)
  14. tuulen

    Where are you?

    Hei hei,Terve!Olen Enontekiöstä!http://www.enontekio.fi/:-D
  15. This may not be politically correct, but, the all too real PC troubles I, for one, have had with Micro$oft have been nothing less than horrible, frankly. (In plain language: IE7 appears to be in another world, but which one?)Moreover, and not to degenerate this thread, but, if BG did learn a thing or two, then could that mean that W3C standards could be absolute, as without any other standard? (OH, happy day!!)Please, BG, learn a thing or two!!;-)
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