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  1. if I'm correct, the "root directory" is like the default file for most things that you are putting into your site...I'm not completely sure but I got a definition of an FTP server. I'm sure it won't help much but this is spur of the moment (connection and time issues), hope this helps at least a little
  2. sorry, it's a hard habit to break calling W3Schools "W3"...
  3. can I be in control of what the name will be or will the company just issue me one and I'll have to work with that?
  4. the-kid3210


    I'm not sure if this is relevant, but wouldn't it be *somewhat* significant to, maybe, post the signatures on the signature thread just so people can't say "oh I didn't read the signature rules"
  5. you mean to tell me I have to load up a new browser to check my script? I thought I only had to use my browser to check my HTML (don't remember reading that on the JavaScript portion of W3)...
  6. I tried your coding but so far I'm still getting the same thing -.-my browser is IE4 (just checked it) and the script is opened by something called "Microsoft ® Windows Based Script Host" and so far it keeps giving me the same issue -.-I can't upload it on here but here's the script: alert('hello, world')
  7. To view the HTML, I use IE6(?)
  8. erm, how is programming and weblanguages connected?
  9. I was wondering if there was a site that I could put my scripts and stylesheets and what not in. Is there any site out there where I can not only save my website in but most of my other things too?
  10. man, I feel really dumb, I wrote down some simple text but when I click on it to edit it, I still get this alert saying that I made a syntax error document.write("Rover") ^I saved that under "javascript.js" and I'm still getting an alert that says this:Script: (name of file)Line: 1Char: 1Error: 'document' is undefinedCode: 800A1391Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error
  11. I'd suggest Photobucket, I'm sure that there are better sites out there than that
  12. so pretty much just type in the script and save it under the ".js" extension?
  13. what I mean to say is that I need the syntax for an external JavaScript...I read on the site that in order to make an external script, the <script> tag must be taken awayI take my <script> tags away and it's still saying that I'm doing it wrong...I need help
  14. I added myself as well, it feels so good to be included, this is one really big forum
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