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    arrays ! help

    i have two phps name : random.php and data.php . Random.php is use to generate a array with set of random values inside ,code is like - //random.php (CURRENT)//here some code to generate random values.$array1 = array ("a","b","c");include('data.php'); in data.php i have data of arrays like this: //data.php (CURRENT)$file = array($a=> array ( "price" => 35, "label" => 30, "off" => 39 )//$b,$c are same type array as $a ); now i want that the that the values from data.php get stored into $array1 from random.php somehow , because i will be sending that data to my webpage for display. #note i require two separate php files .
  2. thanks for all help but those answers didnt solved my problem ,here is a same scene :http://codingforums.com/javascript-programming/32945-how-write-html-code-iframe-parent-document.html . i am continuously searching for the solution and in the mean time i learned basics of javascript and jquery.recently i found a trick that solved my problem here is a code of my trial : // JavaScript Document$(document).ready(function() { var x ;$("#button").click(function() { x = $("input[name=roption]:checked").val()$.post("score.php",{'user':x},function (data){ if (data ==""){var y;} else { $("#con_frame",parent.document).attr("src","q1.html"); $("#main_sec",parent.document).html(data); $("#u8").html("changed"); } })});}); can anyone tell me where can i know more about "parent.document" ?? because its not working in IE8.ALSO can i do similar action without javascript or jquery bcoz sometimes they are disabled ?
  3. yes i think that javascript is client side ,so php is also needed for forms.
  4. thanks for answering guys and sorry i didnt made my problm clear . Here https://www.firedrive.com/file/D94F579BE9FD3861 is a demo html files i have working on . Open them to see what i am asking for help .
  5. I am a beginner and i want to design a website for other students like me . The website is about quizzes like in which u got a question and multi option,select right one .. that stuff . My plan is to make a main page "container.html" which contains a iframe and a button .Iframe will be used to display quiz pages "Q1,Q2,etc." and the button to change "ifame src= "" and submit the answer for example- Q1.html is loaded in frame,a person solves the quiz press the button then his answer is stored and next quiz Q2.html is loaded into frame . I have made Q1,Q2 pages with php and tested they work fine and also the made website's layout with that button.Problem is the button uses javascript to change the iframe "getdocumentbyId" and the quiz pages are made with html form and uses php to process data . So when i click button the iframe source can change but the form(Q1) data is not submitted to php because the submit button is on differnt page(container.html) . I have basic knowledge of javascript and some better about php so guyz please make this easier for me .I have learned all that i know from w3schools so i know here's a hope of solution . Thankz !
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