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    I tried to test this in the browser but it rejected the XML because of undefined entities. Which XSLT engine are you using? It looks like your XSLT engine is allowing it to run but stripping out entities that it does not understand.
  2. Can you show the full code including the section where the data is retrieved from the spreadsheet?
  3. Print the variable to see if it contains the value you expected it to have. System.out.println("*" + shouldLoginNo + "*");
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    Did you try changing the value of "disable-output-escaping"?
  5. What data type is that variable? Where did it come from?
  6. I would start by printing the return value of shouldLoginNo.trim(). It clearly is not equal to "Yes".
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    In XML, those would be considered invalid entities, though it is valid if the document is HTML. You can escape them by turning every & into &amp; <pronounce>&amp;abreve;-b&amp;umacr;s&amp;prime; d&amp;emacr;-t&amp;ebreve;ramp;&prime;&amp;ebreve;nt</pronounce> Doing this straight through XSLT, I'm not certain, but you might want to set disable-output-escaping to "no" so that it will escape the characters.
  8. What does your code look like? Maybe you forgot to replace the comma on the previous line with a semi-colon. If that's not the issue, then it sounds like all of the other font files are missing from your server or are corrupted.
  9. You might need to upgrade your version of Edge. The <details> tag is not supported in versions prior to 79.
  10. You could give the body an overflow: scroll property to always have a scrollbar there.
  11. I don't see any menus or dropdowns in the file you have attached. Clicking on the words just reloads the page. I would guess that the menu is causing a scrollbar to appear, so the page has to move to the left to accommodate for it.
  12. I've never seen anything like this before. What happens if you remove the SVG line from the font definition?
  13. You can use indexOf() to see if the search term can be found in each item in the array.
  14. That is not very descriptive. What code have you written and what exactly is it meant to do?
  15. What is the expected result?
  16. This code needs to run on a web server. If you open this from your local filesystem, the request to load the content will be blocked by the browser's security features. If you are running this on a web server, make sure that the file header.html is in the same folder as the file that is including it.
  17. That's not really a security threat since those characters cannot be used to change the functionality of a query. it will merely change the the term you are searching for. It is up to you to escape those characters manually if you are going to use it in a LIKE query. If mysqli_real_escape_string actually escaped percentage signs and underscores, a majority of queries would stop working or work incorrectly, as in these examples: $value = mysqli_real_escape_string('50%'); SELECT * FROM table WHERE value = '{$value}' $filename = mysqli_real_escape_string('image_file.png'); SELECT * FROM
  18. The main reason to avoid new features such as var() is so that your website won't break in browsers that don't have proper support. It is your choice to use new technologies on your website, but generally libraries and frameworks try to be compatible with as many browsers as reasonably possible so that they can meet the needs of all of the people who use them. It's a matter of how much you value your convenience over the accessibility of a percentage of the users on your websites.
  19. How is your Javascript proficiency and how good are you at trigonometry?
  20. The condition being tested in that case would be (!x), and that condition is true when x is false. The if statement is still testing whether the condition between the brackets returns true.
  21. MySQLi gives you a result set, it is a bit like an array but you don't have direct access to it. The result set starts off with a pointer pointing to the first element in the array. Each call to mysqli_fetch_array() will return the element that the pointer is currently pointing to and then move the pointer to the next element in the result set. Once there are no more rows left in the result set, mysqli_fetch_array() returns false and leaves the pointer pointing to nothing. The mysqli_data_seek() function lets you choose which element in the internal array to point to. Obviously, if you wa
  22. Do you know what the mysqli_data_seek() function does?
  23. Ingolme


    They have resolved the issue.
  24. I checked their site and the issue has been fixed.
  25. It seems a lot of people signed up to the forums to point out this issue. I checked their site and they fixed it now.
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