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  1. Float does not work with absolute positioning, you should use the top, right, bottom and left rules to move an element with absolute position. Instead of left:16px, you would use right:16px to move it 16px from the right of the container.
  2. The code works OK for me, but you have to put the "defaultOpen" line of Javascript further down in your code than the element you are trying open. It can't be in the external Javascript file if that file is being loaded in the head of the document.
  3. The link you're looking for is actually a small unremarkable one labeled "MySQL Community (GPL) downloads." They just try to make it difficult to find to encourage people to buy the enterprise version.
  4. Please do not reply to old topics.
  5. Browsers transform colors from the style attribute. I think Firefox tends to represent them in rgb() format. You also will have to use backgroundColor instead of just background because that's the property being used by the element. For the purpose of debugging, try printing out the value to see what it has: alert(tbl.rows[1].cells[1].style.backgroundColor);
  6. On which page is the example? If there is a mistake on the site, click on the "REPORT ERROR" link at the bottom of the page that has the mistake so that the W3Schools staff will see it.
  7. Ingolme

    form in html

    This is not HTML. You will have to find the documentation for whichever template language this belongs to.
  8. AJAX requests, which these includes use, do not work on the local environment due to browser security restrictions. You could set up a server on your computer by downloading XAMPP or similar server software.
  9. The <center> tag is obsolete and not permitted in HTML 5.
  10. Please do not reply to old topics.
  11. What code have you used? Setting the opacity of an element will change the opacity of the entire element, including its text. If you just want the background to be transparent, use an rgba() color as the background color.
  12. You should read carefully through the CSS tutorial: https://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp If you don't understand CSS you basically can't build a proper website.
  13. You should call exit or die any time you're redirecting a user to prevent the code from executing any of the instructions that are further down. Nothing about the header() function tells the code to stop executing. header('Location: /Logon/Logon.php?From=Home'); exit;
  14. You should check that the index exists before trying to use it: if(isset($_SESSION['User'])) { echo "User: ".$_SESSION['User']; } else { echo "No user"; } If your previous server was not showing a warning at this line then you probably were suppressing warnings.
  15. If there is nothing in the entirety of the cascade then it means that it is using the browser's default. In Firefox, you can find a "Computed" tab near the "Rules" tab which will have a font-size property in pixels. If you don't see it there then click the "Browser styles" checkbox.
  16. No, the :active pseudo-class was never intended to do that. It is a mere coincidence that people ended up using the CSS ".active" class to represent a link that points to the current page. From the original CSS 1 specification: https://www.w3.org/TR/CSS1/#anchor-pseudo-classes
  17. I'm not sure what you are referring to. The :active pseudo-class has always worked as designed. It applies a style to an object when the object is being interacted with, either by being clicked or having focus and the user pressing Enter. You might be thinking of the :visited pseudo-class. Javascript does not have access to computed styles of visited links because that would allow anybody to track where you have been.
  18. They probably did it because all of the other major CSS frameworks do it as well. Personally, I do not like to use CSS frameworks. CSS is quite a simple language on its own, it doesn't really need abstraction layers on top of it.
  19. First, the link to your stylesheet should be further down than the link to the W3.CSS stylesheet. If the error is still occurring after that, then it may be that it's using selectors that have higher precedence. The issue with the width of the blocks might be because W3.CSS is forcing everything on the page to use a border-box instead of content-box for the box sizing. This is a practice that a lot of CSS frameworks use which I disagree with. A framework shouldn't be messing with the default rendering behaviour of elements that don't use its classes.
  20. It could be done with Javascript on the client side or it could be done on the server using PHP or some other server-side language.. You could generate an image or you could make it in HTML and have selectable text on an image background. How exactly would you like it to work?
  21. Please do not reply to old topics.
  22. It's a pseudo-element because a new element is created wrapped around the selected text. A pseudo-class is when a class is added to an existing element under certain circumstances.
  23. Please do not reply to old topics.
  24. You should read the reference manual for the linear gradient to understand how it works: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/linear-gradient
  25. The second gradient is overwriting the first one so your first gradient is not being used. Gradients always apply to the entire surface of an element by default. If it does not appear that way, either the transparent part of the gradient is very large or your element is not as big as you thought it was. You can set background-repeat to "none" and then set the background-size and background position to put the gradient where you want it to go. /* Top half */ background-size: 100% 50%; background-position: top left; /* Bottom half */ background-size: 100% 50%; background-position:
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