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  1. Storing images in a database is not recommended. This can cause more server load on the database's server. But you can store the paths of the the images in respect of their users or uniqueness in the database.
  2. All you can install xampp and then configure the mercury mail server with php.
  3. 1. Make sure you check for the existence of the input field with <?php if (isset($_POST['var']) { $var = $_POST['var']; function addIntoArray($var) { global $map; if (!empty($var)) { $map[] = $var; echo $var." succesfully added to the array!"; } return; } }?>
  4. Techneut

    Contact Form

    Really, then go to w3schools and learn php first
  5. Techneut

    variable variables

    What is your problem actually? Because it seems you are not asking any question.
  6. Techneut

    Mysql Configure

    are you trying to setup the file independently, or in a package like xampp or mamp
  7. i would advice that echoing all this html files out can slow down you application either relevantly or not, try putting your php codes first on the page and then build your html.
  8. ayd you will hear from me.
  9. send me the source code and let me write some php codes for you but do well to study from w3schools for text tutorials or http://thenewboston.com for free video tutorials. Email. gideonappoh@gmail.com. Let me know your required fields and others.
  10. Techneut

    hash in PHP

    The password is not hashing because $pass is an undefined variable; You can define $pass = $_POST['pass']; then password is $password = md5($pass);
  11. Techneut

    Uploader Error

    I have noticed an error in your move_uploaded_file function. It is coded as move_uploaded_file (a, b ); where a - is the temporary location of the uploaded file on the server ($_FILES['uploadedfile']['tmp_name']) - Which you didn't specify and b - is the target location of your uploaded file.
  12. @Fox Mody I am also aspiring to be a web developer. I'm using an asus X550CA core i5 processor.
  13. Hello, everyone, i am new to programming and want to get a new laptop. But now I'm wondering which is the best laptop for programming, AMD A8 or Intel I5.
  14. Techneut

    Uploader Code

    Yh, I agree with Foxy Mod.
  15. Yh, like seriously, if only you need to process this why don't you learn it. But if you need help drop me a PM. I wish to help you though.
  16. Techneut

    Contactus Form

    Why are you assigning one variable ($name) to all the fields. Can you name each input field differently.
  17. I can't see any error occuring in your code, it's just that you have not completed your job.
  18. Yh, it is really cool when you try the google calendar. It is an iframe which displays weather calendar and charts. Check out more https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/gadgets/
  19. There are two ways to do this. 1.You just right click on the page and select delete or remove. 2.Rename the page you want to display as default.php and send it to your hosting folder, it will automatically replace the old default.php
  20. You can find many info and tutorials at https://www.drupal.org/documentation/customization/tutorials
  21. Techneut

    Contactus Form

    Yh, i agree with Christoper.Burkhouse. Without the code no one can help you.
  22. Hello everyone, I just finished learning PHP and want to start a new project. I have seen many PHP programmers talk about frameworks and libraries, etc... As for me I want to know whether coding everything yourself is better than using frameworks or vice versa. Please help me.
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