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  1. dominicw

    Font Stretch

    I am interested in the CSS font-stretch property, but I am struggling to find any information about which fonts support condensed and expanded variants. Does anyone know of any cross-platform fonts that support this? I would like to avoid loading fonts from an external source if possible.
  2. This looks like a useful tool, with a pleasant modern user interface, simple and easy to use on first visit. I would like to suggest one or two improvements: It would be useful to be able to save code as a .css or .js file - perhaps a choose file extension feature could be added? The position of the About and Snippets dialog boxes can be annoying - perhaps a way to move them around? Meanwhile, I can't quite figure out how the timer snippet is meant to work - it seems to only produce a Stop button with no timer visible. The basic editor is great though - these are minor concerns.
  3. I think the general design is good. Clean and up-to-date looking. It's a little hard for me to give any detailed critique of the site's content, since I don't know any Italian. One point I will make is about the globe icon in the top left hand corner. This icon is commonly used as the icon for the user to set his/her locale (country/language). It might be an idea to consider some other icon (or a word) to replace it.
  4. I too think the site is a bit 'retro', unless you're targeting a particular group of people who this works for, eg 80s/90s computer game enthusiasts, this is generally not a good idea. I think removing the white borders around the buttons and content areas would improve the design enormously, and bring it more into the 2010s. Modern websites also tend not to go right from edge to edge of the screen.
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