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  1. http://www.tizag.com/javascriptT/javascriptredirect.php
  2. Tell me, for that mobile phone, is there + character to be used as important, and what numbers you use as important? For example, in my country, every number must have this: +3816 . Do you have something like that?
  3. I just noticed that in second php code, you are missing almost everywhere ' for $_POST[something] . You left it without quotes. Maybe that can cause the problem.
  4. Try this: <script>function myFunction() { var x; if (confirm("Da li želite da sačuvate promjene?") == true) { x = "You pressed OK!"; } else { return; } document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = x;}</script> Or this: <script>function myFunction() { var x; if (confirm("Da li želite da sačuvate promjene?") == true) { x = "You pressed OK!"; } else { break; } document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = x;}</script>
  5. Maybe you need associative array for that. Like this: mysqli_fetch_assoc($result) . Try that.
  6. As I have told you, When you click your button, it does more than javascript, it goes to submit and add data into database. The javascript itself that you created, simply do what you told her to do and after that, php to the server job. There is no relation between two of them.
  7. What does the first style change after all? As it seems to be, it changes a element color to be white in every odd div inside myClass. While the second style changes color property of some classed element button inside class myClass. Tell me, what first style change and what second style change. And what cause the problem of second style, not to work.
  8. It depends on will the style be applied or not. If not, for some reason, you have to force it to change.
  9. It does not stop you to use html inside your php. You can nest image tag to be echoed just as your paragraph from database.
  10. Move the image into some paragraph you want to be in, and remove margin-top:200px. Let's assume you want image to be set into second paragraph, place it here, place your img tag inside paragraph and remove margin top. That way, the image and the text will merge perfectly.
  11. Maybe it's because I am huge fan of simplicity and that is way I find this forum overcrowded with stuff. But, the icons and the basic look of it is good. Quite good. I don't like as user to see so many icons all around, so many messages, it makes me feel like playing some japanese game with tons of boxes around. =)
  12. Alatoru

    Contact Form

    Try readin this here, maybe you are missing the way mail function is being used:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14456673/sending-email-with-php-from-an-smtp-server
  13. Keep it in mind that your javascript code simply asks if he is sure that he wants to save some changes, and if so, javascript will output text that he pressed ok, and if not, javascript will output that he pressed cancel. But, what does that mean? It means nothing. PHP code don't know if someone pressed cancel or not. Javacsript is executed on client side (web browser), while PHP is executed on server side(some remote computer that stores website). First thing that I have notices is that you don't have die function if the mysql connection is not successful. You said, echo the result of not bei
  14. Alatoru

    Help on HTML

    HTML is a language but it's static and only used to display data on web page. CSS is nota language it's style for HTML elements and so, not used in programming. What you are looking for most likely is some PHP code.
  15. If you testing locally , install wamp first. It is software used to create and install servers on your pc and you can use it by typing in your URL. After you install WAMP , find the original folder and enter into www folder. There you will set your own php files or any file to be run on IP I mentioned above. After you did all of that, you create in your notepad file with php extension and save it in www folder. Make your html form and inser before form PHP code. If you are not familiar with php, give me your html, and I will set php for you.
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