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  1. I always use firefox for everything. Unfortunately sometimes i use IE to check if my site works and i really hate having to do that =(
  2. I use gedit and when I use Windows (rarely) I use notepad++
  3. Site Name: Pokemon LakeSite Description: An awesome on-line Pokemon game :)Site Owner/Developer: Me!!Site Address:http://www.pokemonlake.com/
  4. Please check pokemonlake.com which is an online pokemon game and tell me what u think :)any ratings and critiques welcome
  5. Is there a way to pick a random part of an array? Basically I want to mqake a script that randomly changes the border-color of a div. I put the colors in an Array but I don't know how to get a random color from the array..
  6. errietta

    Help plz

    Any .php page really and error 500 kind of kicks people out of battles so..
  7. errietta

    Help plz

    My site sometimes brings error 500 in random pages. I was wondering if it's something with my .htaccessthis is my .htaccess: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?pokemonlake.com/.*$ [NC]RewriteRule .*\.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp|js)$ /forbidden.htm [R,NC]ErrorDocument 403 /error.phpErrorDocument 404 /error.php Please help---edit; i actually meant to put this in the php forum stupid me i dont have any asp pages anyway<insert lots of spam here />whatever.
  8. Um, it works fine for me. I know what causes it. it's my .htaccess but it should work if its in a page of pokemonlake.combtw i didn't make wipes.js so...
  9. is there a way to scroll back up to the start of the page with javascript? i want to put it in <img onclick
  10. It works fine in Ubuntu 8.04. I have the same Ubuntu too. Just try going to http://www.pokemonlake.com/index2.html to skip the first, cool index. works fine with me tho, in all my browsers in both Windows and Ubutnu 8.04
  11. It should work fine in Firefox 3. If the index does not work, go to http://www.pokemonlake.com/index2.htmloh and you DID wait a bit at first did you? if you have a slow connection, it will take a few seconds to appear. it's a cool script i got from another site that makes the text look good. I almost always use firefox and i dont have any problems.
  12. lol, yellow??? That's older than my grandmum lol
  13. I have Opera Safari IE and Firefox i think Firefox is the best and IE the worst
  14. I didnt think it would be blinding lol
  15. errietta

    My web site

    Im 14 ok? So dont think your smarter than--err... nice work *wishes she had learnt those things when she was younger :'(*Well I was 13 when I started ok?
  16. It's a pretty good game I think. I made it with the things I learnt here! :)If you want to visit it click here !Please let me know what you think!
  17. Is there a way to find if 2 or more words are included in a variable?
  18. I tried <body scrolling="no"> doesnt seem to be working in FF
  19. errietta

    Please help

    NEVERMIND, I found it... I had forgotten to connect to the DB...
  20. errietta

    Please help

    Hello this is my code $sql9="SELECT * FROM `tinyclub_users` WHERE `user_name`='$n'";$result9=mysql_query($sql9);$row9=mysql_fetch_array($result9);$pos9=$row9['user_position'];if ($pos9==1){echo "You have beaten a tournament!";exit;} I have tried to echo $pos9; but it doesn't work at all! It's nullI echoed $sql9; and the output works in phpmyadmini have also tried $sql9="SELECT * FROM `tinyclub_users` WHERE `user_name`='$n'";$result9=mysql_query($sql9);while ($row9=mysql_fetch_array($result9)){$pos9=$row9['user_position'];}if ($pos9==1){echo "You have beaten a tournament!";exit;} It just wont workPlease help me
  21. errietta

    Help plz!

    ty ty ty and ty!
  22. errietta

    2D game

    hehe.. ofcourse it can help in making a game... ofcourse it can.... i know it can.. i have a game plan too.... hehehehehehe... Yes it can help make a game! Hehe...
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